Canadian Association of Wireless Internet Service Providers
Association des fournisseurs de service internet sans fil (CanWISP)


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Effective January 1, 2017 the dues schedule listed below will be in effect.

Classes and Qualifications of CANWISP Membership.

A. Class A Full Member (Startup / Regular / Large or Premium) - A Class A Full Member is a person or business that operates a wireless information service as defined in Section 1 of the CANWISP Bylaws. A Class A Full Members may have other types of business interests and still meet the criteria to be a Principal Member. Class A members are billing based on wireless subscribers as follows:

i. Startup, under 500 fixed wireless subscribers - Annual Dues: $300 (three hundred dollars)

ii. Regular, 501 to 2500 fixed wireless subscribers - Annual Dues: $1,500 (one thousand five hundred dollars)

iii. Large, 2501 to 5000 fixed wireless subscribers - Annual Dues: $3,000 (three thousand dollars)

iv. Premium, 5001+ fixed wireless subscribers - Annual Dues: $4,500 (four thousand five hundred dollars)


B. Class B - Industry Partner. An Industry Partner is any distributor, supplier or manufacturer of goods and services provided to WISPS.

Annual Dues: $1500 (fifteen hundred dollars)

C. Class B - Associate Membership. An Associate Member is any individual or business entity that does not qualify for principal or vendor membership. Allows access to forums and email notifications of specials vetted via the board to the membership.

Annual Dues: $250 (Two hundred and fifty dollars)

D. Class B - Advisory Membership. By action of the board of directors, any individual or organization may be appointed as an Advisory member, who shall not have any voting rights. Advisory Membership is the only class of membership which does not require the payment of dues.

The board of directors shall have the sole authority for determining which class or classes of membership are available to an individual or business entity. Should an individual or business entity be determined by the board of directors to be eligible for more than one class of membership, said person or business entity shall choose which one of the classes it desires to belong to and shall have the rights and responsibilities of that membership class. The board of directors shall have the sole authority to determine if a membership would have a founders level of access which would allow for special placement of the logo’s of the membership company on the Canwisp website. The board has the ability to prorate memberships as required.

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